Our Services

Petersen Power Washing+ offers exterior washing services to the commercial and residential customers of Middle Tennessee. The plus means our solutions don't stop at washing services. We offer many other solutions including but not limited to concrete/deck sealing, paint stripping, asphalt resurfacing, driveway repair, garden preparation, weed eating, edging, and more.

Power Washing : Concrete/Stone (driveways, steps, mailboxes, patios, sidewalks, walls, statues, etc...)

Wood (decks, steps, playground equipment, mailboxes, archways, fences, etc)

Car/Truck/Boat washing

Vinyl Siding washing

Anything that can be washed!

Concrete/Aggregate/ Wood Sealing

Gutter Cleaning (1 story and at most 2 stories)

Weed-Eating/ Edging

Garden Preparation (tilling, weed prevention, landscape fabric, mulch)

Window Cleaning